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Analysis of higher harmonic constituents calculation methods

Yu.S. Oliynik
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Description: Reasons of origin of higher harmonic constituents and their consequence are considered to work of electrical equipment. The problem of ultraharmonics is conditioned, above all things, by progress in area of power inverter technique of military objectives, which resulted in more wide introduction in the industrial power supply of powerful valve transformers, elektrodugovykh steelsmelting stoves, welding vehicles which are characterized in the process of the exploitation appearance of volt-ampere. The different methods of calculation of ultraharmonics are considered in electric networks, which are based on the decision of differential equalizations, theory of chains, large attention is spared the analysis of method of calculation of the nonsinusoidal modes of operations of distributive networks of grid, basic assumptions, accepted at the use of this algorithm, and stages of calculation, are considered to on this method. Conclusions are done about that, which one tasks the considered method allows to decide.

Keywords: higher harmonic constituents, quality of electric energy, non-linearity of users

 Oliinyk, Yu.S. (2015), “Analiz metodyk rozrakhunku vyshchykh harmoniinykh skladovykh” [Analysis of higher harmonic constituents calculation methods], Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 4(44), pp. 88-91.