Devices and tracking algorithm group targets

A.V. Chelpanov, A.V. Buyalo, К.P. Kvitkin
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Description: The possibilities of improving the accuracy of estimates of the parameters of the trajectory targets and ensure the necessary stability of its support, if the target is a member of the group. At the same time the accuracy of current estimates of the parameters of the trajectory of the target is checked by comparing it with the reference kinematic characteristics of a single trajectory of a group target, which further builds on the device.

Keywords: target tracking, group target, selection markers

 Chelpanov, A.V., Buialo, O.V. and Kvitkin, K.P. (2016), “Prystroi ta alhorytmy suprovodzhennia hrupovykh tsilei” [Devices and tracking algorithm group targets], Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine, No. 1(22), pp. 80-82.