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  5. Landings radar adaptive tuning coherent drive

Landings radar adaptive tuning coherent drive

N.D. Rysakov, I.V. Titov, S.A. Makarov
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Description: The article proposes the introduction of digital methods of planting radar Doppler filtering, detection, processing and display purposes reflected pulses in order to increase the coefficient of clutter suppression and accuracy of the coordinates. A method for calculating time parameters of probing signals for the adaptive adjustment of the coherent drive landing radar to ensure the accumulation of reflected pulses in the filters with minimal accumulation of reflections from clutter.

Keywords: landing radar, runway, flight control team, the head of landing area, landing radar system, digital signal processing, digital signal processing, radar data, the coherent drive, Doppler filter, amplitude and phase response, frequency response, an adaptive coherent drive

 Rysakov, M.D., Titov, I.V. and Makarov, S.A. (2010), “Posadkovyi radiolokator z adaptyvnym nastroiuvanniam koherentnoho nakopychuvacha”, Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 2(22), pp. 143-148.