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  4. 2(139)'2016
  5. Methods for increasing bandwidth radio networks

Methods for increasing bandwidth radio networks

V.S. Breslavec, S.O. Nikitin
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Classification of methods for increasing bandwidth radio network is given in the article. It is rotined that the use of adaptive optimization of parameters of access to the environment of transmission allows to promote the carrying capacity of network of radioaccess. At the use of spatial plural access methods it is expedient to utillize the combined method, which is based on the basis of spatial and casual methods, that allows substantial appearance to decrease the amount of the spatial ductings.
Keywords: bandwidth, radio networks
Breslavets, V.S. and Nikitin, S.O. (2016), "Metody pidvyshchennia propusknoi spromozhnosti merezh radiodostupu" [Methods for increasing bandwidth radio networks], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(139), pp. 89-91.