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Methodology of pen-testing web applications

S.M. Poroshin, O.O. Mozhaev, M.O. Mozhaev
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The basic approaches to testing for vulnerability information and telecommunications and computer systems, the choice of direction made pen-test web resources. According to the methodology OWASP TOP 10 scenarios developed information collection, information analysis and testing site. Determined common mistakes and susceptibility. Based on statistics main dangers website developed methodology variant testing web application. It is concluded that further development in this direction should be conducted in a plane classification, analysis and management of individual levels of OWASP, expansion and consideration of possible cyber attacks on Web resources.
Keywords: pen-testing, Web application, site, cyber-attacks, hacking hacks, Open Web Application Security Project
Poroshyn, S.M., Mozhaiev, O.O. and Mozhaiev, M.O. (2016), "Metodolohiia provedennia pen-testuvannia veb-dodatkiv" [Methodology of pen-testing web applications], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(140), pp. 33-35.