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  4. 3(140)'2016
  5. The use of multiprocessor systems to improve technological processes

The use of multiprocessor systems to improve technological processes

G.G. Shvachych, S.G. Semenov, T.P. Karpova, V.V. Volnianskiy
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The paper deals the features of the development and use of the multiprocessor computing system with mathematical and software of the latter for simulation of heat treatment of the steel billets. The use of the up–to–date multiprocessor computing technologies had been proposed for increasing speed and productivity of computations, what maintains the effective control of the technological process. Through the special software the multiprocessor system is able to set and control necessary temperature conditions on all plane of cross-sectional of standard at heating and self-control of metal, and if necessary maybe began to control the thermal mode of treatment in the interval of temperatures of annealing. The multiprocessor computer system with the special software includes mathematical models as equation of heat conductivity.
Keywords: mathematical model, multiprocessor computing system, information bidirectional interface, control of the temperature schedule of metal
Shvachych, H.H., Semenov, S.H., Karpova, T.P. and Volnianskyi, V.V. (2016), "Zastosuvannia bahatoprotsesornykh system dlia udoskonalennia tekhnolohichnykh protsesiv" [The use of multiprocessor systems to improve technological processes], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(140), pp. 221-226.