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  4. 4(141)'2016
  5. The synergetic approach for bank systems' security assesment

The synergetic approach for bank systems' security assesment

S.Р. Yevseіev
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Acts of legislation in the sphere of bank transaction security, bank information structure are considered. The analysis of the main sources of risks in the automated banking systems accordingly to CIA (confidentiality, integrity, availability of data) model is performed. The article proposes the synergetic model of bank information security threats, which allowed to show the current state of researched problem from system position. It is showed and proved that providing bank information security today must be based on сonceptually new approach, which is proposed to be called synergetic. Its implementation will enable to get synergetic effect from interaction of selected safety profiles and, consequently, demonstrate a qualitatively new and previously unknown security emergent properties.
Keywords: information security, security of information, cybersecurity, bank data threats
Evseev, S.P. (2016), "Synerhetycheskyi podkhod k otsenke bezopasnosty bankovskykh system" [The synergetic approach for bank systems' security assessment], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(141), pp. 90-103.