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  4. 4(141)'2016
  5. Compound biometric personality authentication

Compound biometric personality authentication

Y.M. Zhevandrova, A.A. Syropyatov, V.D. Buryak
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The reliability of biometric authentication systems which use multiple biometric features is increasing rapidly. The aim of the research is to find ways for development of multi-biometric systems on a portable device without the use of specialized scanners. Face and fingerprint selected as biometric features which obtained by means of a webcam. Pattern recognition, computer vision, machine learning and additional fingerprint image processing are used for authentication.
Keywords: multi-biometrics, authentication, computer vision, digital image processing, machine learning
Zhevandrova, Ya.M., Sыropiatov, A.A. and Buriak, V.D. (2016), "Kompleksnaia byometrycheskaia autentyfykatsyia lychnosty" [ Compound biometric personality authentication], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(141), pp. 0-107.