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  4. 5(142)'2016
  5. Fuzzy control strategies for a wheeled mobile robot

Fuzzy control strategies for a wheeled mobile robot

S.G. Udovenko, A.R. Sorokin
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The given work is devoted to development of fuzzy control strategies in the tasks of navigation of autonomous mobile robots. The variants of the fuzzy control systems, realizing two behavior types of autonomous robot, are considered: motion to the goal and obstacle avoidance. The structure of these systems contains the block of coordination, allowing in accordance with a situation to choose effective strategy. Application the presented approach over allows to take into account the configurations of obstacles in the conditions of presence of proprioceptive information.
Keywords: mobile robot, fuzzy system, navigation, control strategies, fuzzy controller
Udovenko, S.H. and Sorokyn, A.R. (2016), "Stratehyy nechetkoho upravlenyia kolesnыm mobylnыm robotom" [Fuzzy control strategies for a wheeled mobile robot], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(142), pp. 42-49.