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  4. 5(142)'2016
  5. Program-oriented mathematical model of motion vehicle

Program-oriented mathematical model of motion vehicle

A.N. Petrenko, B.G. Liubarskyi
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The scientific article, a mathematical software-based model of the vehicle, which allows its use in the development of an expert traffic management system in the area en route to a finite difference expressions. Features of the model: it consists of differential equations of motion, taking into account the components of the resistance movement (the main thing - the rolling friction resistance from the slopes and curves of the track sections); the definition developed by the force of the vehicle and energy consumption through the use of dependency traction drive efficiency obtained in advance for all operating modes, taking into account constraints on the clutch. The concept of function, which determines the mode of operation of the traction drive and allows to simplify calculations for finding the energy and traction.
Keywords: differential equation of the vehicle, energy costs, software-based model, the optimal modes of rolling motion detection function modes of traction drive
Petrenko, O.M. and Liubarskyi, B.H. (2016), "Prohramno-oriientovana matematychna model rukhu transportnoho zasobu" [Program-oriented mathematical model of motion vehicle], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(142), pp. 76-79.