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  5. Information management in the protection system

Information management in the protection system

V.A. Khoroshko, E.V. Ivanchenko, Yu.E. Khokhlacheva
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A method for controlling the intensity of information flow of compressed data, allowing you to build not labor, and quickresponse generation algorithm flow which in increments equal to the time interval of quasi-steady flow, takes a decision to reconfigure the tolerances for quantity required for a given flow rate, which is very important for provide the required security information.
Keywords: information security, information flows, information security systems, information management
Khoroshko, V.A., Yvanchenko, E.V. and Khokhlacheva, Yu.E. (2016), "Upravlenye ynformatsyonnыmy potokamy v systeme zashchytы" [Information management in the protection system], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(142), pp. 99-101.