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  4. 5(142)'2016
  5. Optimization of multilevel component architecture software system

Optimization of multilevel component architecture software system

O.Ye. Fedorovich, A.V. Babich
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Pose and solve the problem of substantiation of complex multilevel architecture software system (SS). For this purpose, the component-based approach based on allocation of relatively isolated component used. The components are divided into three types: reuse components (RC), new components (NC) and complex components (CC). The rational combination of RC and NC, placed at the nodes of a multilevel architecture of the SS, allows providing the requirements of quality and minimize risks of designing. To search for compromise solutions, satisfying contradictory components of a vector, integer linear programming with boolean variables are used.
Keywords: software system, multilevel component architecture, providing the requirements of quality, compromise decision
Fedorovych, O.E. and Babych, A.V. (2016), "Optymyzatsyia mnohourovnevoi komponentnoi arkhytekturы prohrammnoi systemы" [Optimization of multilevel component architecture software system], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(142), pp. 175-177.