About the difficult expressions record as formulas

V.A. Leschinsky, I.A. Leschinska
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Description: The logical going is in-process examined near record as formulas of arbitrary difficult expressions, expressing his function of truth. It is shown how it is possible to describe difficult expressions, going across from text interpretation of expressions to the formulas. On the example of Keysler task is examined, as, operating the formulas of expressions, it is possible formal methods to decide some logical tasks.

Keywords: logical formalization, difficult expressions, operations with expressions, function of truth, truth variable

Leshchinskii, V.A. and Leshchinskaia, I.A. (2016), “O formulnoi zapisi slozhnykh vyskazyvanii” [About the difficult expressions record as formulas], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(47), pp. 105-107.