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  5. Study of the methods of satellite images orthorectification

Study of the methods of satellite images orthorectification

M.O. Pilicheva
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The article presents the stages of correction of satellite images from the initial ("raw") image to orthorectifed image (analogue of the orthophotomap). Image rectification is described. The existing geometric orthorectification models are analyzed. Using of geometric models of orthorectification for different levels of pre-processing of satellite images is proposed. The influence of errors in determining the height of a global digital elevation model to the accuracy of the planned location of the point in orthorectification is described. A method of the orthorectification of satellite images without direct account of the relief is presented. The proposed method is based on the interpolation of the measured linear deviations of the satellite image from the existing graphical surveying data on the characteristic points.
Keywords: satellite image, orthorectification, geometric correction, digital elevation model, interpolation, deviation