Simulation of active control

Yu.P. Shamaiev, V.O. Rak, I.I. Torianska
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Description: The article describes methods of parametric optimization of unilateral and bilateral trimming systems of active control. The results of the simulation work tracking and digital trimming active control systems for engineering production. These conclusions regarding the structure and the active control system operating modes depending on the accuracy of the manufacturing process. According to the results of simulation provided the use of the criterion of the creation of the largest reserves of technological precision.

Keywords: automation system, technological precision, parametric optimization, simulation

 Shamaiev, Yu.P., Rak, V.O. and Torianska, I.I. (2016), “Imitatsiine modeliuvannia systemy aktyvnoho kontroliu” [Simulation of active control], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(47), pp. 178-181.