Real-Time event processing and machine learning methods

H. Zholtkevych, V. Dorozhynskyi, A. Khadikov
UDK 004.042 + 519.713.2
Article language: english
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Annotation: In the paper some machine-learning method for synthesis an on-fly event acceptor is proposed. Such an acceptor appears to be necessary for the technique of the on-fly event processing. This approach is increasingly being used in the design of real-time control and monitoring systems. In the paper the synthesis problem for such an acceptor is considered in a rigorous mathematical formulation. The method for solution of the problem and the computer experiment to study the method are described. The directions for the further research are proposed.

Keywords: on-fly event processing, acceptor, regular language, prefix- free language
Zholtkevich, G.M., Dorozhinskii, V.V. and Khadіkov, A.V. (2016), Real-Time event processing and machine learning methods, Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 2(46), pp. 79-83.