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  4. 7(144)'2016
  5. Demand modeling for car-care center services

Demand modeling for car-care center services

O.O. Shapovalova, O.O. Kimlyk
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The work of analysis of the car service LTD «Актив Транс Премиум» in Kharkov region is focused on the process of building an adaptive model using the methods of seasonal decomposition with the it's further using to predict the demand on the correspondent services. We used HTML, CSS ,Bootstrap and PHP and it let us automatize the process of model building basing on the statistic data about the car service work taken for the period of 18 months. The aim of the model is to analyse the enterprise activity, finding out the perspectives of its development and help the process of the taking profound manager decisions. The developed model can be used by the big auditory of users.
Keywords: trend growth curves, additive models, modeling the demand, auto repair, seasonal decomposition method, the method of least squares