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  4. 7(144)'2016
  5. Interworking cooperation methods and architectures

Interworking cooperation methods and architectures

L.O. Afanasieva, S.O. Kravchuk, D.A. Minochkin
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Next generation wireless communication systems are heterogeneous with the ability to perform seamless integration of different radio access technologies. The concept of cooperation in wireless networks has received most attention in recent years. The separation of control and user planewere realizedfor the coordination of different technologies. Schemes based on methods of Multi-Radio Transmission Diversity and Multi-Radio Multi-Hop were analyzed. Basic mechanisms of MRRM in wireless networks based on different radiotechnologies – selection algorithm and network load balancing- were considered. This paper considers the basic mechanisms supporting the interworking as ageneric link layer GLL and multiradio resource management MRRM. Radio Control Server (RCS) and Access Point (AP) based centralized architectures supporting the functionalities of interworking between different networks are viewed.
Keywords: wireless communication, internetwork co-operation, wireless communication systems
Afanasieva, L.O., Kravchuk, S.O. and Minochkin, D.A. (2016), "Metody ta arkhitektury mizhmerezhnoi kooperatsii" [Interworking cooperation methods and architectures], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(144), pp. 119-126.