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  4. 7(144)'2016
  5. Development of software electronic trilingual dictionary

Development of software electronic trilingual dictionary

G.G. Chetverikov, I.D. Vechirska, O.S. Puzik
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The article is devoted to development of a software system of the Russian-Ukrainian-English dictionary of terminology. Scanned and recognized documents in MSWord format are input data for the dictionary. Issues appeared during parsing of input data have been analyzed and identified ways to resolve those using regular expressions. The article describes scheme of lexicographical database of the dictionary, classes of models, views and view models. In addition, detailed description of the software system from a user perspective has been presented, and emphasized perspectives of usage of the dictionary and the methods being used during development. The software system is built using design pattern Model-View-View Model. Through the use of this pattern business logic is separated from user interface, thus changes made in different parts of the software may be independent. The developed software system allows to edit, to fill, and thus to create new thematic transferable electronic dictionaries. The advantage of the system is the equality of languages, i.e. in each case user can assign a language that is a major.
Keywords: algebra of finite predicates, database, lexicography, lexical unit, MVVM template, parsing, software system
Chetverykov, H.H., Vechyrskaia, Y.D. and Puzyk, A.S. (2016), "Razrabotka prohrammnoi systemы эlektronnoho trёkhъiazыchnoho slovaria" [Development of software electronic trilingual dictionary], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(144), pp. 157-164.