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About difficult expressions logical formalization

V.A. Leschinsky, I.A. Leschinska
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Description: The logical going is in-process examined near formalization of difficult expressions, i.e. expressions in that it is possible to distinguish included in their composition other expressions. The methods of construction of difficult expressions are analysed. The methods of formation of difficult expressions are considered from simple. Correlation of human and logical languages is analysed. Logical part of human language is in-process studied only.

Keywords: logical formalization, difficult expressions, operations with expressions, function of truth, truth variable

 Leshchynskyi, V.A. and Leshchynskaia, Y.A. (2016), “O lohycheskoi formalyzatsyy slozhnыkh vыskazыvanyi” [About difficult expressions logical formalization], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(145), pp. 73-76.