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  4. 8(145)'2016
  5. Flash drive with an active protection from unauthorized access

Flash drive with an active protection from unauthorized access

I.A. Gromyko, D.D. Tilloiev
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The article presents hardware implementation of the strategies and tactics for active protection of the physical storage media with a restricted access. The authors’ efforts focus on the protection of information restricted in access (IRA) on flash drives of private VIPs who carry out specific tasks for banking institutions, paramilitary organizations, military headquarters and governments. The article is based on the assertion that scrambling as well as any other cryptographic and steganographic methods of IRA protection are subject to instant identification and decryption by the offenders. The produced sample of a protected flash drive proved the commercial efficiency and viability of this field, thus, further research deserves to be developed with the financial assistance of the state and banking institutions.
Keywords: flash drive, information protection, information protection strategy, information protection tactics
Hromyko, I.O. and Tilloiev, D.D. (2016), "Flesh-nosii z aktyvnym zakhystom vid nesanktsionovanoho dostupu" [Flash drive with an active protection from unauthorized access], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(145), pp. 100-104.