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  4. 8(145)'2016
  5. Universal multikey algorithm of steganogram obtaining

Universal multikey algorithm of steganogram obtaining

S.G. Rassomakhin, F.A. Borshchov
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Description: Developed an algorithm, which utilizes least significant bit data insertion method, that applies for data of random format insertion uniformly in container with multiple encryption key utilizing and pseudorandom permutation of secret messages’ bits.

Keywords: method of the least meaning bit, estimation of hindrances in a container, method of LSB, encipherement, pseudocasual transposition of bits

 Rassomakhyn, S.H. and Borshchov, F.A. (2016), “Unyversalnыi mnohokliuchevoi alhorytm poluchenyia stehanohramm” [Universal multikey algorithm of steganogram obtaining], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(145), pp. 124-127.