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  5. Screening electromagnetic fields of local sources

Screening electromagnetic fields of local sources

V.V. Kovalenko, O.М. Tykhenko, L.О. Levchenko
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The features of electromagnetic screening of local sources have been studied. Is shown that for shielding effectiveness of magnetic fields ultra low frequencies it is necessary to predetermine their space distribution around technical means. Appropriate to use multilayer screens for effective shielding of magnetic fields sources, symmetrical distribution and monotonic a voltage reduction. Implementation of electromagnetic shielding necessary to carry out in a certain sequence and with specific algorithm, it was established.
Keywords: electromagnetic field, magnetic field, high-frequency radiation, shielding, electrical machine, electromagnetic safety
Kovalenko, V.V., Tykhenko, O.M. and Levchenko, L.O. (2016), "Ekranuvannia elektromahnitnykh poliv lokalnykh dzherel" [Multiservice network traffic optimal control on the basis of methods of sequential refinement of a solution], Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 3(47), pp. 64-68.