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  4. 9(146)'2016
  5. Mathematical models of random and pseudo-random code

Mathematical models of random and pseudo-random code

S.G. Rassomakhin, T.V. Lavrovska
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Analysis of the reasons of crisis of error-correcting coding. Grounded prospects for application of pseudorandom codes and developed their mathematical model. Considered comparative probabilistic characteristics of equal-length and normal casual codes. The evaluation of the properties of the simplest equal-length pseudo-random codes, which were received by method of the linear congruent generation. Proposed of recommendations on the choice of parameters of linear congruent generators code symbols.
Keywords: random encryption, pseudo-random codes, Euclidean space code generation linear congruent, statistical models of the decoding process
Rassomakhyn, S. H. and Lavrovskaia, T. V. (2016), "Matematycheskye modely sluchainыkh y psevdosluchainыkh kodov"[Mathematical models of random and pseudo-random codes], Information Processing Systems, No. 9(146), pp. 55-61