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  4. 9(146)'2016
  5. Component representation of knowledge of business processes

Component representation of knowledge of business processes

V.M. Levykin, O.V. Chala
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The questions and structuring of knowledge in knowledge-intensive business processes is discussed. Problem of building knowledge representation is the need of practical application of both overt and tacit knowledge in the management process, as well as the complexity of the submission of tacit knowledge in the business process model using existing approaches. The model includes procedural, declarative and contextual components, as well as information on the availability and extent of community these components. Information on community set through reference elements of the process to which the data apply knowledge. The model allows to uniquely reflect both explicit and implicit, directly related to human knowledge. This makes it possible after the externalization of tacit knowledge to perform the adaptation, not re-engineering the business process and thus reduce the cost of its maintenance.
Keywords: business process context object, tacit knowledge, artifact, workflow
Levыkyn, V.M. and Chalaia, O.V. (2016), "Komponentnaia model predstavlenyia znanyi o byznes-protsesse" [Component representation of knowledge of business processes], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(146), pp. 182-186.