Creation direction of large-calibre sniper rifle

V.I. Penkov, Ju.N. Chernichenko, O.Ye. Zabula, V.V. Afanasyev
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Description: Legitimate need of law enforcement and military units in the kinetic non-lethal weapons, weapon systems covered mismatch of law enforcement and military forces of Ukraine and the imperfection of the practical requirements of scientific and methodological apparatus justify tactical and technical requirements for non-lethal kinetic weapons.

Keywords: kinetic non-lethal weapons, striking element, tactical and technical requirements

Penkov, V.I., Chernichenko, Yu.M., Zabula, O.Ye. and Afanasiev, V.V. (2016), “Napriamok stvorennia velykokalibernykh snaiperskykh hvyntivok” [Creation direction of large-calibre sniper rifle], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 4(49), pp. 42-45.