Tools and stages of development expert systems

S.V. Sharov, S.O. Hrustal’ev
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The article considers the main stages of creation of expert systems, analyzed tools that can be used to develop intelligent systems. It was revealed that in the specialized language of logic as a tool can be used high level programming languages (procedural languages, instrumental environment of rapid application development), shell of expert systems that do not require significant knowledge in programming, additional modules as part of a specialized, bathrooms software systems and functional programming. The authors noted that the choice of tool should depend on the tasks that apply to the future expert system.
Keywords: intelligent system, expert system, stages of development, tools
Sharov, S.V. and Khrustalov, S.O. (2016), "Instrumentalni zasoby ta etapy rozrobky ekspertnykh system" [Tools and stages of development expert systems], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 4(49), pp. 105-109.