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  5. Increase of carrying capacity of streets cities

Increase of carrying capacity of streets cities

G.V. Aleshin, O.V. Kolomiycev, V.V. Posokhov
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Description: The method of upgrading of the system of monitoring of transport vehicles (ТV) and streams is offered for CAS of management, that is able to promote the carrying capacity of streets of city. A method allows to carry out monitoring of parameters of motion ТV from any place in difficult travelling terms, where roads unlines. The flow diagram of device is worked out for monitoring of transport streams. Principle of action and application of device that uses the Doppler measuring device of radial speed and fundamentally new measuring device of tangential speed ТV are expounded. A device radiates two laser signals on bearing frequencies, that is «tinted» by frequencies of the between frequencies beatings, that in a photo is a receiver transform two radio signals, difference of length of that and allows to define tangential speed of single and group clusters of ТV.

Keywords: monitoring of a transport stream, transport vehicle, carrying capacity

Aloshyn, H.V., Kolomiitsev, O.V. and Posokhov, V.V. (2016), “Pidvyshchennia propusknoi spromozhnosti vulyts mista” [Increase of carrying capacity of streets cities], Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 4(48), pp. 119-122.