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  5. On a rational selection data in business analysis

On a rational selection data in business analysis

V.V. Fedko
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Description: Is discussed the problem of reducing the server load and network traffic at the decision of tasks in the data visualization business analysis. It is proposed to reduce the data on the server-side sample size from the data store, after that on the client-side approximate the request results using linear interpolation splines. The results of numerical experiments for visualization of different data quantities, found the value of constant approximation and determined its statistical characteristics.

Keywords: business analysis, data visualization, approximation, numerical experiment, the statistical characteristics

 Fedko, V.V. (2017), “Ob odnom ratsyonalnom podbore dannыkh v byznes-analyze” [On a rational selection data in business analysis], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(148), pp. 69-72. https://doi.org/10.30748/soi.2017.148.13.