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  5. Modeling structural construction electronic journal of gaming-oriented

Modeling structural construction electronic journal of gaming-oriented

O. Pushkar, I. Bondar
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Description: In the article the technique of definition of the structural elements for the construction of electronic games magazine directions. The stages of the methodology allow to generate a set of criteria for assessing the quality of the electronic journal, to define a set of structural elements (that is, the potential of sections of the magazine) and, after analyzing the feasibility of their inclusion in the structure of journal quality criteria, choose the most important topics to include in the e-zine. The process of determining the structure of the e-journal is to be implemented in four stages. To improve the visibility of this process, it is demonstrated by the example calculations for interactive e-magazine for gaming direction.

Keywords: electronic journal, play direction, methods, stages, criteria of quality assessment, the structural elements

 Pushkar, O.I. and Bondar, I.O. (2017), “Modeliuvannia strukturnoi pobudovy elektronnoho zhurnalu ihrovoho spriamuvannia” [Modeling structural construction electronic journal of gaming-oriented], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(148), pp. 237-241. https://doi.org/10.30748/soi.2017.148.44.