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  5. Application reflective control in conflict information systems

Application reflective control in conflict information systems

I. Barushev, A. Dahno
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Any technical system is an integral part, a subsystem of a higher-order. In such systems engineering system (the system "man – technics – medium"), sometimes called a ergatic. If the target function of the system is to provide a super-system of a given quality information, the system is called information. If this system is involved in radio-electronic information conflict (conflicting information interaction), it is called a conflict information system. Disputed information interaction radar (radioelectronic information conflict) is a process of struggle for the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the information. This article is a review to use of reflexive control to enhance the stability of the radar systems in conflict.
Keywords: antagonistic conflict of electronic systems, information systems, systems ergatic, reflection, reflexive management