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  5. Infographics as an effective teaching tool

Infographics as an effective teaching tool

A. Vovk, R. Cheremskyi
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The article discovers the problem of efficient use of infographics in terms of competence approach. Classifications and varieties of infographics are analyzed, characteristic differences in the main types of infographic are defined: static and dynamic. We determine the characteristic differences between the main types of infographics, investigate the features of different types of infographics application in educational publications and the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of information graphics.
Keywords: infographics, educational publications, interactivity, criteria of infographics evaluation, competence approach
Vovk, O.V. and Cheremskyi, R.A. (2017), "Infohrafika yak efektyvnyi zasib navchannia" [Infographics as an effective teaching tool], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(150), pp. 199-205. https://doi.org/10.30748/soi.2017.150.41.