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  5. Analysis of reflexsiv control in radioelectronic information systems

Analysis of reflexsiv control in radioelectronic information systems

I. Barushev, A. Dahno
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In recent years in the planning decision-making special attention of both theoreticians and prac-tics involve means of information and reflexive control. Under the reflection of the subject understands the ability to occupy the position of the observer with respect to his own thoughts, feelings and behavior. At present, the practical use of reflexive control ahead of theoretical research in this field. Therefore, the general problem of development of scientific and methodological foundations of reflexive control in view of counteracting the destructive pressures and active influence on the other actors of socio-economic systems acquire both scientific and practical significance. An important problem is the study of reflexive processes etsya get real models necessary for the implementation of reflexive control methods in information interaction subjects. The purpose of the article – the definition of reflexive behaviors.
Keywords: reflection, reflexive control, reflection rank, model of reflection of the first order, the structure of a radar conflict, optimality criteria