Increasing the stealth analytical chaotic signals

P. Kostenko, А. Barsukov, Е. Bernik, R. Kornilin
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The article considers a variant of increasing analytical chaotic sequences possessing statistical and dynamic characteristics close to the characteristics of white noise. For these sequences, the concept of stealth is introduced and its measure is given. The attractors of the constructed sequences and their mutual correlation functions are studied. The results of the article can be used to increase the secrecy of radio communication systems.
Keywords: chaotic sequence, attractor, analytical chaotic signal, IID-stealth, BDS-statistics
Kostenko, P.Yu., Barsukov, O.M., Bernik, Ye.V. and Kornilin, R.Yu. (2017), "Pidvyshchennia skrytnosti analitychnykh khaotychnykh syhnaliv" [Increasing the stealth analytical chaotic signals], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 3(52), pp. 84-87.