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  5. Cloud computing in the bank institutions activities

Cloud computing in the bank institutions activities

R. Baglai
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Description: Relevance of the subject. Although banks in general are not professional IT companies those entities have to invest and maintain a lot of IT infrastructure and human resources in order to run business operations. System integration of databases and data warehouses for banking information based on cloud technologies today is the objective need to collect and store and transform big data volumes, providing the functionality for rendering of services and reporting according to regulatory requirements. Methodological basis of research is modern theoretical methods and systematic approach to design, construction, integration and support of databases and data warehouses, as well as methods of expert assessments, economic-mathematical and heuristic methods. Banks can pilot cloud services before making a decision to move certain production data to the cloud as test data in most cases is synthetic and not the real customer data, with much less IT Security and legal restrictions. More over hybrid and private cloud can be used to secure non depersonalized test data by putting databases behind firewall on the own servers of the Bank. Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon and IBM and other global corporations provide enterprise solutions and have local partners which are ready to provide services to Ukrainian banks. Results of the research allow to make further conclusions to ensure the lowest cost using the open source software and cloud storage, resolution of problems with information security, efficient use of hardware resources, scaling resources and resiliency, and obtaining new quality of knowledge through the computing power to analyze banking information based on cloud technologies.

Keywords: IT architecture of a Bank, cloud technology, Data Bases, cloud testing service, open source software, OLTP, OLAP

 Bahlai, R.O. (2017), “Khmarni obchyslennia v diialnosti bankivskykh ustanov” [Cloud computing in the bank institutions activities], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(151), pp. 76-81. https://doi.org/10.30748/soi.2017.151.10.