Is it possible to deter an opponent who uses "hybrid tactics"?

A.V. Antonov, V.B. Bzot, I.E. Kuzhel
УДК 623.618:519.686
Мова статті: англійська
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Outdated laws and customs of war together with an inadequate system of international security actually cause a temptation for many actors to use hybrid instruments to achieve their goals whilst minimizing consequences of aggressive actions. Nevertheless, when an adequate rethinking of contemporary security environment, existing challenges and threats to it, as well as appropriate adaptation of security policies and doctrines takes place, the trend of hybridization of military conflicts will not impose such a significant threat to national and international security (although it will still not be trivial). Deterrence is still an efficient and useful tool to keep stability and peace in international relations but it requires expansion beyond the traditional (nuclear or conventional-oriented) framework and transformation into an art of Comprehensive Deterrence.
Ключові слова: deterrence, hybrid warfare, conflict, military aggression
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Antonov, A.V., Bzot, V.B. and Kuzhel, I.E. (2017), Is it possible to deter an opponent who uses "hybrid tactics"?, Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine, No. 4(29), pp. 84-90.