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Using of wireless technologies to design a lan

М.А. Pavlenko, А.О. Stoianova, V.N. Rudenko, G.M. Safarova
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Description: In article questions of working out of recommendations about expansion of local computer networks on the basis of use of wireless technologies are considered. The analysis of existing technologies of data transmission is carried out; the reasons of introduction of network technologies are defined. The substantiation of necessity of use of laser lines of data transmission is besides, considered. The attention is paid to an estimation of productivity of a network of data transmission with use of wireless technologies.

Keywords: a computer network, the local computer network, technologies of data transmission

 Pavlenko, M.A., Stoianova, A.O., Rudenko, V.M. and Safarova, H.M. (2011), “Vykorystannia lazernykh tekhnolohii pry rozhortanni lokalnykh obchysliuvalnykh merezh”, Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 2(26), pp. 162-165.