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  5. Automation of determining the direction of physical development disorders

Automation of determining the direction of physical development disorders

О. Vуsotska, V. Druz, H. Dobrorodnia, O. Dovnar
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Description: In this paper physical development impairment of urgency automation direction definition is based. Somatotype relevance for human body individual predisposition to physical development impairment assessment is grounded. The analysis of existing methods and software applications which leads to the objective of research, namely, the definition of physical development impairment direction is carried out. A three-dimensional-based structuring approach to structuring of biological zones from the images in human body has a number of advantages. We formed a semantic space of statural-weight value reflecting the somatotype qualitative composition, which is conductive to the developmental conditions individualization. We created a conceptual view of database flow chart for the automated system detection of developmental conditions patterns. The results obtained can be used in clinical medicine with an objective to the detection of somatotype predisposition to various pathologies. In addition, the results obtained can be used in human metabolic and functional disorders diagnostics and prophylaxis, and, as a consequence, in early functional disorders of human body prevention running into a disease.

Keywords: automation, physical development, body weight, somatotype, shaping

 Vysotska, O.V., Druz, V.A., Dobrorodnia, H.S. and Dovnar, O.Y. (2018), “Avtomatyzatsiia vyznachennia spriamovanosti porushen fizychnoho rozvytku” [Automation of determining the direction of physical development disorders], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(152), pp. 100-107. https://doi.org/10.30748/soi.2018.152.15.