Using small-scale turbulence for forming a solid fluid jet

I. Sydorenko, A. Tolkachov
UDK 532.5.01, 532.51
Article language: english
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Annotation: The technique of solid fluid jet formation with small-scale turbulence is considered. This turbulence is generated by fractal square grids in the area of grid turbulence decay and it moves to a jet. Eddies are impossible in such turbulence flow and consequently, occurrence of small-scale turbulence in the jet can impede strong turbulence and restrain jet breaking. A new procedure can increase the action range of the power water-jet guns and can be applied in those technologies where a solid jet is required. No laminarity in the Fontana Jumping Jet has been found and their exceptional jet stability has been explained by presence of a small-scale turbulence in them. This is what upholds the feasibility of the presented conceptual procedure.

Keywords: jet, turbulent flows, isotropic turbulence, homogeneous turbulence
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Sidorenko, І.І. and Tolkachov, A.M. (2018), Using small-scale turbulence for forming a solid fluid jet, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 1(55), pp. 185-188.