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  5. The limiting state of the axial compressor, which is operated in a dusty atmosphere

The limiting state of the axial compressor, which is operated in a dusty atmosphere

Ya. Dvirnyk, D. Pavlenko
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Description: The analysis of the working blades profile geometry of the compressor of turboshaft engine TV3-117 after different operating time in a dusty atmosphere is accomplished. It is established that the wear of the blade of compressor all stages occurs uniformly, and the peripheral section of the blades is subjected to maximum wear. The maximum material wear is observed for the blades of 1-st and 4-th stages, due to special operating conditions. Also, there is a close correlation between blade profile wear of the 6-th and 2-nd to 12-th stages of the compressor. On the basis of working blades modal analysis of the compressors that have different operating time, empirical dependences of the frequencies of natural oscillations and the value of chord wear in the peripheral section for blades of all stages are established. The most dangerous stages of the compressor and oscillation modes of the blades, which can resonate with exciting harmonics of the gas turbine engine, are determined. It was found that, if the wear of the chord in the peripheral part of the 1-st stage blade reaches 4 mm, as well as of the 4-th stage blade reaches 5.1 mm, resonance phenomena may appear. Limit wear values of the blade of all stages of TB3-117 GTE compressor via frequency stability criterion are determined. According to the compressor gas-dynamic stability criterion it is established that, the limit wear of the chord of the blade of the 6-th stage in the peripheral part is 6.19 mm, which can lead to the surge accompanied by a decrease in the gas dynamic stability of the compressor by 15 ... 17 %. The values of the maximum permissible wear of the feathers of blades of all stages of GTE TB3-117 by the criterion of gas-dynamic stability of the compressor are determined. Methodological recommendations have been developed for assessing the limiting state of the compressor by estimating the wear of the chord of the blade in the peripheral section. An original technique for assessing the effect of dust erosion (wear) of working blades on the gas dynamic characteristics of the compressor is developed.

Keywords: gas turbine engine, compressor, blade, modeling, wear, gas dynamic stability, surge, operating time

 Dvyrnyk, Ya.V. and Pavlenko, D.V. (2018), “Predelnoe sostoianye osevoho kompressora HTD, эkspluatyruemoho v uslovyiakh zapыlennoi atmosferы” [The limiting state of the axial compressor, which is operated in a dusty atmosphere], Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 1(53), pp. 97-107. https://doi.org/10.30748/soivt.2018.53.14.