Security of encrypted cloud database

 Salman Rasheed Owaid
UDK 004.75
Article language: english
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Annotation: Existing cipher method provides either security or productivity, but not both of these parameters. Most of schemes even show the order of encrypted sequence, which allow the detractors to accurately evaluate clear. This work represents Rˆ as the tree, hierarchical encrypted index, which can be reliably put into a cloud and effectively falsified. It is based on mechanism, developed for encrypted queries, using Аsymmetric scalar product preserving encryption (ASPE).

Keywords: query encryption, database encryption, cloud computing, hierarchical index
Information about the authors of publication:
Salman Rasheed Owaid, (2018), Security of encrypted cloud database, Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine, No. 2(31), pp. 122-130.