Features of security forces weapons’ specification designing

 O. Bilenko, D. Pavlov
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Article language: english
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Annotation: Security forces weapons’ specification designing is an actual problem since antiterrorist and law enforcement activities appear more important issues in modern conflicts. Meanwhile, police and other security forces over the globe still apply combat weapons while providing law enforcement, antiterrorist, and other force domestic actions. As proper analysis demonstrate, the field of security forces’ weapons engineering, as opposed to combat weapons, is still not sufficiently explored. Appropriate rational specifications for such weapons must be designed aimed future collateral loses mitigating. The aim of the article is to ground the general principles of security forces weapons’ specifications designing by means of summarizing separate researches' results concerning weapon technical characteristics influence on fire missions’ effectiveness. Common dependencies and methods of external ballistics are applied. Outcomes are represented as three guidelines groups such as kinetic non lethal weapon, limited range weapon, and security forces sniper rifles.

Keywords: kinetic non-lethal weapon, limited range weapon, sniper rifle, security forces, weapon specification
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Bilenko, O.I. and Pavlov, D.V. (2018), Features of security forces weapons’ specification designing, Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine, No. 2(31), pp. 145-150. https://doi.org/10.30748/nitps.2018.31.19.