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  5. Efficiency of the laser informatively-measuring systems

Efficiency of the laser informatively-measuring systems

G. Aloshin, O. Kolomiitsev, V. Posohov, S. Klivets
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Description: The existing problems of the global synthesis of laser information-measuring systems on sets of structures, signals and technical parameters are considered. It is shown that the structural and signal synthesis of laser systems is heuristic, and parametric synthesis is more objective . The ways of setting and solving problems of optimization of information and measuring laser systems are shown. A new separable method of parametric synthesis of laser systems and algorithms for its solution is proposed. The result of the solution makes it possible to use it as "exchange curves". A method for matching the results of local optimization problems is proposed. A method for converting fuzzy value sets into a random variable is proposed. A way of using "exchange curves" is proposed to increase the reliability of heuristic structural or signal synthesis. The new method of optimization of the systems and networks has next advantages before existent methods: the problem of multidimensionalness does not almost influence; universality of algorithm of optimization is for arbitrary separable functions; an iterative process finds a decision quickly, as well as in a gradient method; a decision is got in a general (analytical) view, that allows at once to get the curves of exchange; the analytical type of decision and optimum allows at once to see and forecast, what productions and internalss of the system and them functional elements it is needed to develop. Unlike the ordinary methods of planning of the systems, where intuitively functional elements appoint parameters, it is suggested to use all possible marketing’s statistics, that almost on an order can promote efficiency of the systems.

Keywords: efficiency, laser system, information-measuring system, global synthesis, synthesis of parameters

 Aloshyn, H.V., Kolomiitsev, O.V., Posokhov, V.V. and Klivets, S.I. (2018), “Efektyvnist lazernykh informatsiino-vymiriuvalnykh system” [Efficiency of the laser informatively-measuring systems], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(56), pp. 59-65. https://doi.org/10.30748/zhups.2018.56.07.