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Information technology of depending of errors software

O. Shmatko, M. Myronenko
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Description: The information technology of testing, which carries out automatic sorting and categorization of software error reports, is considered. The novelty of technology is to create a software error tracking system that allows you to analyze the error reports in order to automatically sort them out and at the same time evaluate the reliability of the software by the integral index of Korkorena. For automatic analysis the text of the error reports, a structured measurement method for editing distance is used. How to distance editing is used is the Levenstein distance, which was determined by Wagner-Fisher's algorithm for dynamic programming. The software system is implemented as a web-based application based on the existing JTrac open source defect management system, which is created using Java language and is a freeware defective software tracking software. For the developed software, functional and load testing was carried out. In this case, functional testing was carried out according to the type of black box. The statistical analysis of the automatic function of removing duplicate reports has shown that it finds and removes more than 20 % of the total number of reports, which significantly increases the functional efficiency of the software crawl tracking system. The results obtained can be used to create error tracking systems that store large ones. Volume Reporting Software Deficiencies.

Keywords: software, error tracking system, reliability, testing, automatic sorting

 Shmatko, O.V. and Myronenko, M.I. (2018), “Informatsiina tekhnolohiia vidslidkovuvannia pomylok prohramnoho zabezpechennia” [Information technology of depending of errors software], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(56), pp. 120-125. https://doi.org/10.30748/zhups.2018.56.17.