Choice of style formation of magazines

O. Berezhna
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Description: The selection of the corresponding design for the publication, which corresponded to the topics of the magazine, is one of the factors of the competitiveness of the publication on the market of polygraphy. This creative search process is one of the most truce-rich for the designer, because there is a large number of popular styles and styles, and the choice is more difficult to add to the fact that some of them have common elements. The article considers modern techniques and methods of designing a journal. The main stages of designing the magazine are analyzed. With the help of a team of experts of designers and designers of magazines and newspapers, a questionnaire was conducted on the factors influencing the artistic design of journals. The method of analysis of hierarchies revealed the most significant factors, which largely determine the style of the design of the future edition. The article defines the rules of layout, and the main elements of the magazine page in accordance with the style of design. As a result, a technique for developing artistic design of journals has been developed, which can ease the process of choosing the style of designing various types of publications. The algorithm of action of choice of stylistic decision of a magazine registration is offered. The use of a stylistic selection method for magazine editions will allow you to make a better choice of carriers of the appropriate style of the magazine, which will have a better chance of liking the potential reader.

Keywords: magazine edition, magazine, style direction, style, decoration, design, layout

 Berezhna, O.B. (2018), “Vybir stylovoho oformlennia zhurnalnykh vydan” [Choice of style formation of magazines], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(56), pp. 153-158.