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  5. Mind map usage for e-learning courses information space structuring

Mind map usage for e-learning courses information space structuring

O. Pushkar, O. Zavgorodnia
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Description: The broad usage of technologically saturated environments in adult learning (students and personnel as well) rises actuality of problems of immersing learner's attention in such environments, its resolving is the basis for efficiency of any learning. The article contains the analysis of mind maps usage for information space structuring of learning courses and of the variety of didactic goals of their usage. The necessity of mind map usage in face-to-face learning mode and e-learning systems was proved: their permanent usage leads to statistically significant improvement of performance of learners. The mind map usage in elearning and blind learning systems also improves the feedback of users of those systems. And the classification of learning goals was improved due to including e-learning goals. The proposed theoretical ideas were proved in experiment during delivering of blended-learning course of "Multimedia publishing". It is supported by the e-learning system, which is used in Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics learning process for students of "Publishing and printing" specialty. During the long-term experiment the students feedback was accumulated (by the means of questionnaire) and analyzed. The questionnaire contained the questions about usability, design quality, purposes and motivations of it's usage by students, and how it met the expectations of users. Also the feedback about the directions of its improvement was included. The theoretical assumptions were statistically proved.

Keywords: mind maps, e-learning, information space structuring

 Pushkar, O.I. and Zavhorodnia, O.S. (2018), “Vykorystannia kart pamiati dlia strukturuvannia informatsiinoho prostoru navchalnykh dystsyplin u e-learning” [Mind map usage for e-learning courses information space structuring], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(153), pp. 108-116. https://doi.org/10.30748/soi.2018.153.14.