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  5. Decision support system for solving logistic tasks

Decision support system for solving logistic tasks

O. Shapovalova, A. Kamardin, O. Petukhova
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Description: The issues of application of software implementation of the decision support system for making management decision in the tasks of transport logistics were considered in the article. In particular, authors pay attention to the choice of the optimal option for the delivery of goods to a group of consumers. The system is intended to support the decision maker in determining the best option among the many available alternatives by economic criteria and has a practical focus. From the point of view of mathematics, the so-called traveling salesman problem is considered. For solving this one the algorithm of two-phase optimization of the transport network is applied. In the second stage, the solution obtained by the cost criterion is further compared with the options offered by alternative specialized enterprises such as "Nova Pochta" and "Intime". The software was developed using web technologies, it is cross-platform and can work with both mobile and stationary devices (smartphones, computers). To calculate the cost of delivery of goods using specialized companies, a third-party API is used. The JavaScript toolkit (and the React.js, Redux libraries) used to develop the system allows users to exchange data between the system, the third-party API "New Mail" and GoogleAPI to show the transport route on the map, and also export and import data to office applications . The developed decision support system is flexible enough and can be applied to solve logistics tasks in any sphere of the national economy.

Keywords: two-phase optimization, the problem of sales traveler, logistics, ant colony idioms algorithm, genetic algorithm

 Shapovalova, O.O., Kamardin, A.S. and Petukhova, O.A. (2018), “Systema pidtrymky pryiniattia rishen pry vykonanni lohistychnykh zavdan” [Decision support system for solving logistic tasks], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(154), pp. 57-63. https://doi.org/10.30748/soi.2018.154.08.