Ensuring airborne assault landing in a limited area

A. Sheigas, A. Ponomarenko, P. Shurtakov, D. Bykshan
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Description: The parameters of the micro-enforceability, parameters of combat orders and their features are estimated. Efficiency and safety of the tasks of landing airmobile troops, cargo and military equipment depends essentially on the level of professional training and reliable work of the crews transport aviation and the head of landing at the landing site. The initial data for the estimating the parameters on the combat track are analyzed, proposals to the personnel of the navigating service regarding the minimum safe distances between the aircraft in the combat formationsi, the calculation of the micro-encirculation. Observance of instructions by the crews of the aircraft to landing on the landing site and the command of the landing commander at the landing site will effectively accomplish the assigned combat mission. The minimum distance between planes before the start of landing must be such as to exclude the collision of paratroopers and military equipment detached from the aircraft flying in front with an airplane flying in it in a quiver. Reducing the distance between combat aircraft is possible by reducing the speed of landing, the magnitude of microworlding, the opening of the dome of the main parachute through the set time of stabilization, and also setting the interval for the known pair. When holding short distances, there may be cases of falling into an accompanying trail leading to a violation of a given flight mode. The probability of a plane crash in the accompanying trail depends on the parameters of the combat order, the flight regime and the accuracy of its containment. Studies show that the smaller the distance to the plane flying ahead is less than the angle of the entrance to the accompanying track or the crossing angle and the lower flight speed, the greater the effect of the accompanying track on the plane, which can lead to its dangerous position. Particularly large impact of the accompanying track is observed at distances less than 4 km, take-off and landing configuration. The untimely parry of sudden large corners of the roll, slip and pitch may lead to a dangerous position of the aircraft.

Keywords: airdrop, micro-enforceability, beginning of fighting ways, enforceability, combat order, slowly falling body

 Sheihas, O.K., Ponomarenko, A.I., Shurtakov, P.D. and Bukshan, D.O. (2018), “Zabezpechennia bezpeky desantuvannia aeromobilnykh viisk v obmezhenomu raioni” [Ensuring airborne assault landing in a limited area], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 3(57), pp. 32-37. https://doi.org/10.30748/zhups.2018.57.05.