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Humanitarian disciplines as the way of humanisation of ukrainian formation

O. Pavlіchenko, L. Petrova
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Description: The development of Ukrainian society in the 21st century should be oriented towards humanistic values. The need for humanization of education is due to previous international, local interstate and inter-ethnic wars, terrorist acts, man-made and ecological catastrophes that caused the death of a large number of people. Humanization of education involves creating the necessary conditions for self-realization of the personality in the modern space.This contributes to the disclosure of the creative potential of a person. It helps to form the critical thinking of a person, his value orientation and moral qualities. The development of modern democratic Ukraine, the revival of its national traditions, the spiritual and intellectual world does not appear without the formation of the humanistic worldview of the nation. An important place in this process is education. Education has a great impact on the younger generation. The leading trend in modern Ukrainian education is its humanization. It takes place under the influence of contemporary world and European dimensions. It involves the formation of a specialist.Itlevels of preparation harmoniously combines key competences, personal development in accordance with the spiritual values of national and universal culture. Nowadays the specialties in the system of national education are becoming disciplines of the social and humanitarian cycle.Itexplains the changes taking place in the globalized world. An important role for the humanization of the educational space, the formation of the civic position of young people, the strengthening of civil society, the consolidation of the Ukrainian nation belongs to humanitarian disciplines. It contributes to solving such a strategic direction for the development of national education as the building of an effective system of national education, development and socialization of children and young people. Methods of teaching humanities must meet the modern requirements of education. In European countries, non-traditional methods and forms of learning are widely used: modeling, role-playing and didactic games, micro-examination. The progressive changes in the organization of the educational process include the tendencies of transition from group forms and teaching methods to individual-group.

Keywords: humanitarian disciplines, humanization of education, higher education, teaching methods

 Pavlichenko, O.O. and Petrova, L.O. (2018), “Humanitarni dystsypliny yak zasib humanizatsii ukrainskoi osvity” [Humanitarian disciplines as the way of humanisation of Ukrainian formation], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 3(57), pp. 152-156. https://doi.org/10.30748/zhups.2018.57.23.