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  5. The influence of activated fly ash on the mechanical properties of heavy concrete

The influence of activated fly ash on the mechanical properties of heavy concrete

I. Kazimagomedov, F. Kazimagomedov, A. Rachkovskyi
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Description: The article analyzes the preceding works on the topic and summarized the most recent achievements of research carried out on the national and global scale in the field of industrial waste recycling. The findings prove the considerable need for new and advanced technologies of collecting, storing, processing and preparing waste from different industries so that they can be widely used in manufacturing bulding materials. The article provides theoretical explanation and experimental proof of the influcence of activated components on the composition of cement concrete. A variety of compounds were studied with additions activated in different ways. Statistical analysis of different variants was perfromed in order to establish marginal quantitative values of filler and cement. Physical and chemical characteristics of fly-ash-cement concrete, which were received under labora-tory conditions, helped to prove the hypothesis of proportional decrease of cement component under the condition of highly homogenized dry components activated in different ways. Variable and constant values of concrete compounds and their physical and mechanical characteristics are presented in the form of tables and graphs. The results of the present research can be used as a recommendation for more efficient selection of components when estimating concrete compounds in civil engineering. The positive properties of ash as an active polyfunctional component of concrete mixtures is better realized when a superplasticizer additive is added to the concrete mixes. Complex "ash-superplasticizer" is especially effective in cast concrete with compaction without dynamic impact. Concretes with the addition of ash and superplasticizer are resistant to stratification and high physical and mechanical properties. In a concrete mixture, the ash plays the role of a mineral additive, which increases the total amount of the binder, and the microfiller, which improves the granulometric composition of sand and actively influences the processes of structure formation of concrete. Polyfunctional properties of the ash additive together with the additional processing increasing the activity of the cement-ash binder allow solving the problem of composition optimization.

Keywords: recycling, filler homogenization, activation, microfiller, mineral additions, superplasticizing admix, binding material, disintegrating activation.

 Kazymahomedov, Y.Э., Kazymahomedov, F.Y. and Rachkovskyi, A.V. (2018), “Vlyianye aktyvyrovannoi zolы-unos na mekhanycheskye svoistva tiazhelыkh betonov” [The influence of activated fly ash on the mechanical properties of heavy concrete], Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 3(55), pp. 108-113. https://doi.org/10.30748/soivt.2018.55.15.